Annette Werner

Neurobiologist, PD Dr. rer. nat.
Team Leader / Principle Investigator

Centre for Ophthalmology
Institute for Ophthalmic Research
Elfriede-Aulhorn Str. 5-7, D
Room 1.124
Eberhard Karls University
D-72076 Tuebingen
Tel.: +49 (0)7071 29-84727
Fax: +49 (0)7071 29-5271

since 2003

Group leader of the Colour and Visual Psychophysics Lab at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research, University of Tübingen. Research projects on mechanisms of human colour constancy (real scenes and displays), sensorimotor integration, cue integration in colour vision, ageing of the visual system, testing of cone functions after gentherapy, behavioural experiments on visual perception in honeybees.

Foundation of the Interdisciplinary Consortium Colour preferences, University of Tübingen

Member of the Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience University of Tübingen and Max Planck Institutes

Member of the Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience, University of Tübingen

2000 - 2001

Visiting researcher at the Department of Psychology & Center for Neural Sciences, New York University; work on lightness and colour in 3D scenes

1998 - 2001

Child leave

1995 - 1998

Research associate at the Hong Kong University for Science and Technology (Department for Computer Science) and at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Department of Optometry and Radiography); work on human-computer interface problems: computer graphics and evaluation of colour therapy for dyslexic children, work on cortical mechanisms of colour processes and central colour vision deficiencies, quantification on colour constancy.

1990 - 1995

Postdoc at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research at the University of Tübingen, Department for Biophysics of the University of Freiburg, Department for Physiology of the Free University of Berlin, and at the Hospital Grosshadern, Department for Neurology and Neurophysiology, University of München; work on quantification of human colour constancy, the effect of transmitter related disorders (Morbus Parkinson, Chorea Huntington) and ageing of the visual system.

1985 - 1990

PhD (magna cum laude) at the Institute for Neurobiology of the Free University of Berlin (Prof. R. Menzel), work on colour constancy in the honeybee, apis mellifera. An investigation into the mechansims of context related colour coding and a comparative study in humans.

Financial support by

DFG, BMBF, Zukunftskonzept (Platform 4) of the Excellence Initiative of the University of Tübingen, and the Tistou & Charlotte Kerstan Stiftung


Kazuhiko Yokosawa, Tokyo University, Japan
Yoko Mizokami, Chiba University, Japan
Katja Schmidt, HDM Stuttgart
Thomas Papathomas, Rutgers University, USA
Susanne Marschall, Institute for Media Sciences, University of Tübingen
Daimler AG
Merck KGaA